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Saturday, January 30




Lego League - Hands On! Codell Commons - Room 1810Nina Espinos • Kelly Funk Robotics for Elementary School Codell Commons - Room 1810Claire Pritchard STEAM at Winnetka 36 Codell Commons - Room 1810Todd Burleson • Kathy McDonough • Maureen Miller • Timothy Selgrat A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Room 2050Jaime Barraza • Stephanie Cardella GForms: From Creation to Customization Room 2060Taneesha Thomas Google Drawing Did That? Room 3005/3010Kenyatta Forbes Google Sites for the Classroom Room 2065Laura Fenwick Paperless Edu Room 3030Eric Hansen Take Control of Your Gmail Inbox Room 2045Kate Isabelli • Donna Warmbold Projects with iPads Room 2055Katie Cardella • Laura Iacullo Using an LMS To Proactively Support the Overall Student: A Counselor’s Story Room 3025Casey McPherson • Keith Sorensen How to Build a Makerspace Out of Practically Nothing Room 3075Katie Budrow Kids can code: Computer programming for Kindergarten and up Room 3070Jen Gilbert Making makers, giving students the tools and opportunities to create. Room 3015David Stopps Creating and Editing Videos via YouTube Room 2040Calley O'Neil • Stephanie Olson Digital Storytelling: Get it Write! Room 3035Joe Brennan Worry Free Resources Room 3065James Gubbins Identifying Quality Apps, Websites, and Games for Learning Room 3060James Tieken BFFs - The Symbiotic Relationship of Tech and Library Room 2025Jennifer Nelson • Esther Storrie Changing Teaching and Learning Through Technology Room 3050Tracy Crowley • Alison Friedman Personalized Learning Room 3055Kristen Paul • Julie Witczak Tour of the Student Help Desk Student Help Desk Room 1015Craig Phillips • Abraham Sihweil Using SOLE (self-organized learning environment) and Maker Philosophy to Empower Students Room 2015Margo Newtown • Cathy Tkachuk Docent.edu : How to make the plain website/document interactive for students Room 3040Samara Silverman EDpuzzle: Create Interactive Videos Room 2030Tina Sabatello Flipping (Out?) in the Middle School Classroom Room 2020Bennett Nelson Motivate to Educate Room 3020Maggie Maslowski Nearpod Introduction: Amp up engagement with Nearpod Room 2010Shannon Schroeder Twitter Round Up Room 2070Megan Preis • Allison Sobotka



Engaging And Managing Maker Technology Codell Commons - Room 1810Andrew Stone Middle School Makers Codell Commons - Room 1810Bill Steinbach The Chromezone Codell Commons - Room 1810Taneesha Thomas The Making of a Chrome Tech Codell Commons - Room 1810Jeffery Barlow Going Paperless: From Paper Heavy to Paperless in One Year Room 3035Patricia Payne Google Classroom for Beginners Room 2035Caren Kimbarovsky Google Docs Intermediate/Advanced Room 2065Alison Mahoney Google Drawings Room 2030Tina Sabatello Google “Mail” Merges Room 2045Kate Isabelli • Donna Warmbold Plotting Learning with Google MyMaps Room 3055Benjamin Hartman Polishing Chrome Room 3065James Gubbins Green Screening Made Easy with 1 iPad Room 3005/3010Vince Neil Honest Take on 1:1 iPads Room 3025Julie Lettner Using Canvas in Middle School Room 3030Emily Beveroth Family Coding Celebration Room 2020Elizabeth Shutters Lost in Makerspace Room 3015 Demystifying Microphones and Audio: An Introduction Room 2025Logan Farris • Jason Meltzer Creating Authentic, Global Projects through Literacy Room 3050Tracy Crowley • Kimberly Stoltman Diving into PBL: Getting Started with Project-Based Learning Room 3075Katie Budrow Engaging Ways For Students To Demonstrate Knowledge of History and Culture Room 2010Alexandra Vastardis GAME ON… A Beginners Guide to Gamifying Your Classroom Room 2015Carrie Baughcum Tech Leader & The Student Help Desk Student Help Desk Room 1015Craig Phillips • Abraham Sihweil The 4 C’s and Google Classroom Room 2040Calley O'Neil • Stephanie Olson e­Publishing with iBooks Author Room 2055Julie Brua • Katie Cardella Keepin’ It Real(time) - Presentation and Real-Time Assessment with Pear Deck Room 3020Jeremy Wickham More Ways to Gamify your Class Room 3040Scott Hagedorn Using Seesaw to Capture Student Success Room 2050Lissa Blake • Bri Savic


Educating without Boundaries...Learning without Limits: Learning Spaces Matter! Codell Commons - Room 1810Judith Epcke • Patti Fleser • Corey Holmer • Jimmy Juliano • Margo Newtown IWitness: Teaching with Virtual Testimonies Codell Commons - Room 1810Brandon Barr Start a TED-Ed Club at Your School! Codell Commons - Room 1810Charlene Chausis What a 21st Century Learning Space Looks Like Codell Commons - Room 1810Kathy Garneau • Liz Loughnane Follow a Google Form Project from Start to Finish Room 2045Kate Isabelli • Donna Warmbold G-WTTW: Google Writing Tools That Work Room 2060Taneesha Thomas Google Classroom Intermediate Room 2065Alison Mahoney 17 iPad Tips for Teachers by Teachers Room 2055Justin Heller Collaborative Activities for iPads and More! Room 3040Scott Hagedorn Canvas as Your LMS Room 3005/3010Vince Neil • Gail Stover Schoology in the Music Classroom Room 3030Amy Banas Elementary Makerspace and the Curriculum Day: Everyone as Makers Room 2025Penny Jack • Laurie Stanley • Jill Ziegler Make It!: Creating a Makerspace in a Middle or High School Room 3015Andrea Trudeau Rookies to Veterans- Lego League Room 3025Nina Espinos • Kelly Funk STEMified Stories Room 3070Barbara Ungar • Lauren Wysocke Ten Steps to a Science Lab Xylophone Room 3055Gail Simon YouTube Editor : Create Your Own Videos with Ease! Room 2030Tina Sabatello Digital Citizenship Games and Interactives for Students Room 2050Kathy McDonough Problem-Based Authentic Learning: Real, Meaningful Instruction Connected to Standards Room 3050Tracy Crowley • Sandy Mills Reinventing your classroom by flipping it! Room 2020Kirk Humphreys Scaffolding Digital Citizenship Through Google Classroom Room 2040Calley O'Neil • Stephanie Olson Using Technology to Check for Understanding Room 3060Rachel Gressel • Qamile Sulejmani • Kathleen Sullivan Using Technology to Develop and Engage Readers Room 3035Mary Klepper Web Literacies in the Classroom Room 2015Brendan Murphy Stop Skimming. Start Learning. Interactive Reading with Actively Learn Room 3020Jeremy Wickham Vocabulary Retention with Help from Technology! Room 2010Alexandra Vastardis Writing Fun with Night Zoo Keeper and Kidblog Room 3075Heather Glass • Kelli Pottinger